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Welcome, we provide reliable and unique low cost payroll services to all types of preschool and nursery organistions throughout the UK, as well as Pre-school and after school clubs.

Detailed analysis of payroll costs

A minimum of two reports are produced at each payroll run.

The first is the Nominal Summary, which gives the total cost of the payroll, tax due, number of employees on the payroll and net pay with a date of payment.

The report also gives a detailed cost analysis of the payroll costs and other relevant book-keeping items. The report is available in CSV format for reading directly in to your accounts package - if it can accept CSV files. We also produce a RTF version which can be sent to you by email.

The second report mirrors the P11 and shows the make up of Gross Pay; gross this period and year to date; tax this period and year to date; employees NI this period and year to date; all employee deductions (net and gross) and Net Pay. Payment method is also shown, together with employer costs, such as pension contributions and holiday accruals.

Reports can be by department and show department headings and employee reference numbers if required.

This report is also available in RTF format for delivery by email if required.

Easy to understand reports

All our reports are clearly presented in colour for ease of interpretation.

Other reports are available, as required, covering any additions and deductions as well as Holiday Accrual figures, this period and year to date.

Detailed pay slips for employees

Pay slips show all payroll details, including make up to gross pay (hours and hourly rate, etc.), all deductions, and employer contributions.

Also shown are name and address, NI number and category, tax code, method and date of payment and abbreviated bank details, if paid by BACS.  

Employees and tax paid by BACS

Facilities are available to pay both employees and taxes by BACS. This is done using your own BACS Service Number, or our unique Complete Payment Service, if you do not have sponsorship from your bank for direct BACS payments.

Annual return filed electronically - at no extra charge

Final RTi submission is filed automatically by us electronically, after we have reconciled the tax paid for the year. Forms P60 are provided for all employees at the end of the tax year.

There is no additional charge for this service.


Low monthly fixed cost

Our fees are fixed based upon the number of employees processed, and the frequency of payroll runs. Fees are paid monthly by standing order in order to save costs.

No set up or hidden charges

There is no set up charge and there are no hidden charges. The fixed monthly fee is what you pay, unless the number of employees increases significantly. Fees are reviewed an an annual basis. 

Prompt return of reports and payslips (email option available)

In most cases, if data for processing is received by mid-day, the reports are posted, by first class post the same day. Special Delivery by Royal Mail is available as an option, and is standard for larger payrolls.

For payrolls which are not time sensitive, reports are posted well in advance of the nominated payment date, and may be sent by second class post.

All reports can be sent by email (RTF format) if requested, at no extra charge, the same day as the payroll is run.

All type of deductions included, with appropriate reports

A wide range of additions to pay and deductions from pay are available as standard and are clearly shown in the Payroll Report and on Pay Slips. These items may be taxable or non-taxable as appropriate. Special reports of any additions and deductions are provided and are available by email.

Pro-rated pay spread over 12 months in equal installments 

In the case of Preschools and Nurseries working over the academic year (39 or 40 weeks) it is possible to arrange to pay employees in 12 equal installments.

The main effect of this is that employees receive their full normal monthly pay in the month of August, and other holiday months, which is of considerable help towards budgeting for the employees.

The Complete Payment Service

A unique feature of Pre School Payroll Service is the Complete Payment Service, which enables your employees to be paid direct in to their bank accounts by BACS.

One monthly payment to us covers direct BACS payments to:-


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